HELP!! I have no idea...


9 Years
Jun 15, 2014
Two weeks ago my smallest hen (the one that was always the runt) started sneezing and coughing. Within an hour she was dead. I out the rest of the flock on two weeks of Duramycin-10. they came off that last night.

Tonight one of my barred rocks is looking like she doesn't feel well (ruffled feathers, appears to be sleeping but not sure). What's going on in my flock? I've never encountered this. It seems to be picking one of my girls off at a time.

We live next to a river that's on the flyway and we have lots of Canada Geese, gulls, and herons right now. They have no access to my girls but I'm very worried.

Coop is clean and they have good food and lots of fresh water.

Can anyone give me some ideas of what this could be? Thanks.
I don't think so. Her vent looks good. She doesn't have any other symptoms. And she's hydrating herself. But I'll check her abdomen again.
How old are your chickens, and the one that died? You may want to contact your state vet to ask about any diseases that are showing up in your area, and also about how to get a necropsy on another chicken if one dies. Your barred rock has some of the symptoms of possible coccidiosis, which is treated with Corid (amprollium) in the water.

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