Help! I made a mistake...


10 Years
Jul 30, 2009
Charlotte, NC Area
One chick is out (yes yes, pics are coming!), but I just realized a mistake I made in setting up for lockdown. I put the carton on top of a Gladware container lid to keep it from wicking moisture from below. But now the chick is on the Gladware lid and there's no footing! He can't seem to get up and move away from it, because his feet keep slipping. I have two pips in there and three eggs that haven't started yet. Should I reach in as quick as can be and get him out, and put him in the brooder? He is *mostly* dry. Or leave it be and hope for the best? Or reach in and try to get the lid out of there (which would take slightly longer, but would have the advantage of removing the problem for future chicks)? Help!
Does it not just TOTALLY suck to see a design flaw - DURING a hatch. Since severe lack of footing can damage the little dude, grab him and it out of there and hope.

They're pretty fragile as to footing those first few days. You don't want joint damage. I'd do it, mist some water in and hope.
Okay, thank you! He is up and moving around now--off the slippery part. But I guess I need to reach in and get it out. How long till he should be walking normally? He's still kind of stumbling around--been out of the shell for two hours now. I've only hatched ducks, so this is kind of freaking me out--I don't know what to expect! And of course I'm a worry-wart anyway.

I've got to finish my outdoor chores... I'll get the heat going on the brooder and after my chores grab this little guy out of there.
Thank you! It seems like by the third hatch a person ought to be over the nerves, but it's nerve-wracking every time! Little gold chick is resting. Pics coming...

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