HELP! I messed up a bit...


8 Years
Aug 11, 2011
I have eggs that are due to hatch on the 10th in my incubator and I have more eggs arriving TOMORROW! I need to go into lockdown but also need to start new eggs. Running out and buying another bator is a last resort is there any safe way to start the new eggs with the eggs in the stage going into lock down? If there is no good way to do this I'll just have to run out tomorrow and buy a LG from TSC.

How important are the new eggs? Typically if you turn them daily you can keep eggs for up to twelve days without too much of a decrease in hatching rate. Though if they were collected over a period of several days and then shipped to you they may already be reaching that age.

If you want to keep the eggs until your next batch is done, just put them in an egg carton, points down, and put it on it's side so the points will be just slightly pointing down now. Then turn the carton onto it's other side once a day until they go into the incubator. They should be kept between 60-70 degrees but if it's not exactly that it's OK.

Otherwise I believe your only other solution is to buy another incubator.

Sorry if the instructions aren't 100% clear, I'm very tired. lol. but I think they make sense

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