HELP! I need advice. Sick Chick.

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    Apr 30, 2010
    I took my Isa Brown 1 1/2 year old chicken to the vet this week because I noticed her rear end looked like hemrhoids. They were swollen, red, something looking like yellow egg yolk glued to her vent. The vet said she had an egg stuck inside her. The vet broke the egg, got it out and cleaned the chicken up. She then gave her an antibiotic and pain meds that I have been giving to her since Tuesday. She's not any better. She's not eating much - I've given her yogurt, oyster shells, crumbles, a little cheddar cheese but she just sits around not doing much. The vet called today and asked how she was doing and said maybe I should bring her in again (first visit was $140). I told her I just couldn't afford another visit. Tonight I washed her rear end with warm water and Dawn detergent and put her to bed. What else can I do? What on earth could be wrong with her? She "was" laying soft eggs from the roost a few weeks ago. She's a mess! Any suggestions?
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    May 13, 2010
    Sorry for your troubles! I personally cannot help but here's a bump! maybe someone else can !
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    I'd be worried she could be egg-bound again. Many birds are repeat offenders. Is she drinking much? She will probably need supplemental fluids; your vet can show you how to do this. Keep her warm too. Good luck!
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