HELP, I need to know my white leghorn's gender!


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Nugget is a White Leghorn, around 3 months old. I need to know the gender, because I'm not allowed to keep roosters in my city! I already have a good home for him/her if it turns out to be a male, but I need to know before the crowing/laying starts!
(And, can anyone tell me how to check before I buy another? We just went to Bucheit's and got what they where pretty sure was a pullet. ) Nugget is my first chicken, so getting him/her was mostly just trial and error, but now we have a coop, and oyster shell, grit, and a cage inside far when the temp goes below 40*F. He/she has really grown on me in the two months I've had him/her, and I need to know what to do next!


If you want more then either get started pullets, or buy sexed chicks only. You could also order from a hatchery yourself and sell the extras.
She is pretty! I definitely agree with pullet. Leghorn roosters are very clearly roosters, they have HUGE combs that are very dark red. Started pullets are an option you can choose when ordering chickens. Rather than receive baby chicks, your chickens will come older. This is more expensive when going through a hatchery though. If you want started pullets, you might be better off looking in the buy sell trade forum of this website.
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Definitely a hen. Leghorns are awesome.
thanks so much, everyone! I'm so glad someone could help me tell. if I had a rooster, I'd have to give him away!
can anyone tell me how they knew? I'm curious to know how to distinct between genders :3
Definitely a hen. Leghorns are awesome.

I agree! Nugget is my first, and she's been wonderful so far, and I can't wait to see how she'll lay eggs! I want more Leghorns in the future, but I'd also like to experience raising other breeds.
My leghorn is the friendliest hen in my flock and she lays just about every day.

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