Help, I think I have a sick hen

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    Sep 26, 2010
    My old hen has watery poop, the other hens seem to be fine. The color is light brown and very watery, her comb is still very red, she is attive, looks great, eats well. I have had her for over a week now, she is yet to lay an egg, but seems to be healthy. I am clueless and don't have a clue were to start, please help.

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    Watery poop normally just means they've been drinking a lot of water. As long as she is active and eating well, i wouldn't worry.

    There is the small possibility that the watery poop could indicate a little crop problem. To check on this, just feel of her crop in the evening and then first thing in the morning, before she eats. It should be pretty much empty in the morning. If it is, she's fine.

    It is normal for hens to take a break from laying after they've been moved to a new location - sometimes a month or more. Don't worry about that.

    I wouldn't spend to much time overanalyzing chicken poop; you'll make yourself crazy. Just my opinion. [​IMG]

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    Yes Chickens get watery poo from drinking too much - it can be an indication that she is getting too hot and is compensating by drinking loads. Also it could mean that she might not be eating as much as she should be so keep an eye on her food intake. I just looked up watery poo for one of my girls and it didn;t seem to indicate anything seriously wrong.

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