HELP! I think my duckling is dieing! D:


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
I went out to the duckling pen to feed them and my little baby was barely alive! He was SOAKED! I have him wraped up in a towel right now but hes shivering! Will he be ok?! Is a warm bath a No-No if hes cold? Should I try to feed him?
Oops, I just gave it a warm bath
made him purk up qiute a bit though. And he is doing better, walking, drinking, eating. Quacking/peeping.
Wow. Sorry I failed to copy the link.

Glad he's better. It's good to warm them, but a really rapid re-heat can cause troubles, too.

Get him dried off, something to drink, a little food, and watch him.

What is it with ducks lately and hypothermia? Hmmm. Right, it's winter.
Yes, much better. Hes wrapedE in a warm towel cuddleing with me at the moment. He drank alot of water, I hope thats ok?
Depending on how old he is you might want to check the oil glad. Maybe it isn't producing enough oil. Hope he is doing better.

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