Help! I think my favoriate chicken got trampled!


8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
Me and my daughters favoriate chick today got trampled.......

They are almost 2 months old...... Usually I always get home to let them in to the makeshift roost at about 7 (coop is getting renovated) I was late and didnt get home till 8. It was horrible... they were all crammed in a corner and were trying to get in to roost. 2 were stuck in the fence.... but our favoriate chick was laying on the ground...... she is still breathing but she is just laying there... .looks like she is sleeping... occasionally she will pop her head up if I move here around. I have her in the house now and I lay her on me for warmth. What else should I do? Is there anything I can do!? Anyone else have this problem? What did you do and what was the end result? Hopefully not buying the farm.
I'd give her a little sugar water in a dropper if you can get her to take it. Keep her warm and draft free. Don't think you can do much more than that. Hope no internal damage was done. I had no idea the little buggers were so darn fragile! I'm having a hard time getting hubby to understand that. He grew up with farm animals, and thinks you can feed them anything and that they can tolerate most anything (cold.)

Prayers she gets better!
No she wont drink..... I have her wrapped up on the couch next to me in a towel to keep her warm. Its kinda like she is in a deep sleep.

looking at other posts in the forum..... I belive the problem may have been gnats. Could that be why the chickens were going nuts?

I did see a bunch of them around them when they were trying to get out. Would this be a problem in Southern WI?

Also the chicken in question is a frizzie.... and I hear they have the most trouble with the gnats.
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Well I was resting with the chick trying to keep her warm and she started freaking out..... and she died.......

The worst part about it is I dont know what to tell my little girl.... it was her baby. ehh... sucks..

It was a frizzy easter egger... the only one we had she named Luigi.
yeah it sucks...... anyone know where I could find some frizzie easter eggers? I dont feel like hatching some out again right now. I live in southern WI. Maybe I could pull the old switcho changeo and my daughter would never notice! The girls really liked the frizzie because it was so soft.

I had a very good turn out for some shipped eggs. It just so happened that the EEs were the only ones holding me back. I only got 3 of them that hatched....out of 9 and only 1 that was a frizzle.... and go figure... thats the one that died.
I'm so sorry. Sometimes I think it's kinda crazy how attached we get to critters sometimes. But I love my critters more than I like most people. HUGS

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