HELP..I think my silkies may have mites not sure..


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Nov 20, 2008
Astatula Florida
I don't know anything to much about Silkies and the three I got are my got a question..Right around there eyes is there suppose to be black, not feathers or any fuzz just like black..didn't know if this is normal or if something was wrong with my silkies..all three are like that..

Please ease my mind and tell it is suppose to be that way..

I just brought one in and washed it and dried the head area and it looks to me like little brown bugs fleas or mites buried in around the eyes.. there were little crawly tiny bround bugs crawling around..

What is it and how do I get rid of it ..I have DE does that help or need something else and if so what I only have a tractor supply here.
If you saw tiny crawling bugs, they have mites and/or lice. Same treatment either way.

DE is felt by many to be preventive, but not necessarily an effective treatment. Next up the scale is a permethrin/pyrethrin dust or spray, sold as poultry dust in many feed stores, or sold as a spray called Adams Flea and Tick spray at the vet or in the WalMart, and probably other brands as well. Next is Sevin 5% dust, often sold as a garden insecticide, available in my local hardware and feed stores. Treat the birds and the coop, and treat again in 10 to 14 days, as the first treatment will not kill the eggs, so you have to treat the ones who hatch later. Many on here change all the bedding and make a whitewash of DE and water to "paint" the coop. If there is evidence of mites on the legs, spread Vaseline on them, and repeat til the legs look OK.

And use the DE in the coop to keep them under control.
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Thank you..last night I had a little seven and I sprinked on them and there coop and this morning I went to Tractor Supply and got some more Sevin for new bedding and I got some stuff that is for Poultry that has that permethrin in dust on them so I Made up my booder pen on porch and put bedding in it and sprinkled it with my DE that use but have been slack on using maybe why..any way I made them a hospital and food and water and went and got the three Silkies out of coop and up on my porch I have a cover that fits over it that my husband had made me a while back..Around the eyes look so much better just over nite of putting the Sevin on last nigth and in pen.. Now going to clean out all old bedding out of coop and spray it good..and new beding and put Sevin in and will put them back in when all cleared up..and I will redust them 10 like you said..

I thank you so much..guess was on right track but back up is always encourging..
Outside of redusting in few days for mite eggs layed my silkies are all well now..the black around eyes all gone it was nothing but blood sucking mites..I am so happy now..

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