Help, I want him to live!

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    Jul 13, 2010
    We have a bantam rooster, about 6-9 months old, i'm not sure, and we also have about 50 other chickens and roosters assorted. My point being, we really love this Bantam, his name is Rose, the Don (yes, we name them, at least some of them.)
    5 of our birds are common white roosters we call the ricishin brothers. They hang together and are mean. Soon they will be in a pot, but for now the issue is this- I saw them attack the little Bantam about 3-4 days ago, and don't know if this is why he now has a massive swelling in his chest.
    He doesn't eat much, but is eating. He sleeps a lot and acts scared. He was before a very brave rooster, now he's sleepy and reclusive.The swelling seems to be getting worse and I really want to save him. can anyone give me any ideas? I already separated him and put him in a cage alone for now, but he is normally free range.
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    try to post this in the emergency forums, more people to help you. Can you post a pic of his injuries? Have you given an antibiotic and cleaned the wounds? Is the swelling on his chest, really his croup where his food goes and if it is hard or bean bag feeling he may have sour croup. (food not passing through and getting clogged in the croup), for that give olive oil, corn oil etc... on soaked bits of bread to try and push it out.....
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