Help Identify BEFORE the Hatch?

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a LOT of eggs.

    I painstakingly wrote down ON the eggs in pencil exactly where I got it from (with a code I made up myself) along with the breed of chicken the egg contains (if it should hatch). They're all purebreds and all of them apart from 4 eggs are from an NPIP breeder.

    It then occurred to me that the chicks who hatch are going to muck up my pencil marks ...there's a high probability they may pip or zip or hatch right through their code, etc....which will cause me to end up saying 'uhhhh...what the fowl are you?" and I don't want that. I'm OCD about a lot of things (diagnosed by Dr..not saying OCD flippantly) and I really am trying VERY hard not to be that way about my eggs, but I'm not succeeding and it's really bothering me.

    Is there an easier way for me to know what I have in there, especially when I already know the breeds I'm thinking my pencil marks and codes was all for naught, since the chicks are likely to eradicate those marks when they hatch.

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    May 6, 2011
    They should look differently once they're hatched and fluffed out. But, you could take a pic of each eggs as it's being hatched and then take a pic of the chick after it's out, match them up that way. That's what I did [​IMG]
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    Ahhhh great idea!!! Thank you very much.[​IMG]
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    you could try to separate them via card board inserts in the incubator into sections if you have the room. what breeds are you hatching along with what verity of that breed? coloring and features of the breeds could also help you tell the chicks apart at hatch after drying off.
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    This will be a very long list, but give me a moment and I'll compose it for you.

    All are hatching eggs

    Blue Silkies
    White Silkies
    Peach Silkies (project but have bred pure from a color mutation)
    Swedish Flower Hens
    Golden Lakenvelder
    Silverlaced Wyandotte
    Barred Plymouth rock
    New Hampshire Red
    EE Amauracana
    Silver Lakenvelder
    Speckled Sussex
    Blue Andalusian
    Blue Copper Marans
    Black Copper Marans
    Partridge Penedesenca
    Wheaten Penedesenca
    White Empordenesa
    Blue, Lavender or Black Orpingtons
    Blue Amauracana
    Blue Hamburg
    Blue Sumatra
    Pumpkin Hulsey Gamefowl

    Then there are the "Half-n-Half" eggs:
    Each of these are bred pure as well, but are bred with one frizzled breed and a smooth of that same breed, so they each have 50% of having frizzles.

    Sizzled Silkies
    Frizzled Cochins
    Frizzled Wyandottes
    Frizzled Polish
    Frizzled Sultan

    I don't know how to separate them at all. The cardboard is a good idea though, if I could figure out how to do it...too many breeds to make it easy that's for sure.

    [Update] 3 of the Silkies look non-existent and three show definite formation (veins, blobs)
    All of the frizzle-maybes show definite formation (veins, blobs)

    The others aren't here yet.
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