Help Identify These Chicks


8 Years
Apr 26, 2014
I am hoping someone can help me figure out what type of chicks we have here. We picked them up from a country store who said they were bantams, but didn't know what types. We got a total of 6 chicks. Two are mostly silver/black, two are mostly black with tan heads, and two are mostly white/off white. All the chicks have clean legs except ONE of the black/tan has feathers on the legs. Any ideas?

Black/tan head with clean legs:

Black/Tan head with feathered legs

Two of these silver/black:

Two of these off white:

My little bantam looked like your third one when we got her. Someone just told me they thought she was a black tailed white Japanese bantam. This was when we got her...

Here she is at 2 weeks...

I am no expert at all, however. Good luck!

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