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    This little red hen is unusual. I am not sure of the mixture. See the nice feathers on the feet.
    Then this guy. He is so pretty. I am thinking Hamburg?
    I have no clue on these grey guys.
    I am thinking araucana?
    This black hen is so gentle. She follows me around at the barn.
    Then this little black one. I think its a hen.
    Well I got most of the pictures bigger.??
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  2. klf73

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    Jun 1, 2008
    I can't see the pics too well, but will try...
    1-buff cochin x silkie
    2-silver spangled hamburg
    3-blue andalusian
    4-the one you are calling araucana, does it have muff/beard? can't tell the pic is too small...
    5-australorp? color of the bottom of her feet..if white australorp, if yellow she could be a Jersey Giant
    6-sumatra pullet
  3. ArizonaDesertChicks

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    Dec 8, 2008
    Glendale, AZ
    Pics 1-3: no idea
    #4 - easter egger - It looks like she has a pea comb, muffs/beard, and slate legs - also the feather pattern around her neck is common to EEs
    #5 - Are you sure it's a hen?
    #6 pullet - black australorp??
  4. #5 does not have spurs?? And I have never seen it crow. ??

  5. ravencreek

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    Nov 10, 2008
    Benton TN
    #5 is a roo....Big comb, has saddle feathers, and the tail screams roo. Not all roos have spurs. I have a roo that is over a year old and he has never crowed. I don't think he knows how. He is an EE tho.
  6. FrizzleFreak

    FrizzleFreak Songster

    1)pretty cool buff cochin/silkie cross, probably slightly more cochin than silkie
    2)Silver Spangled Hamburg Roo
    3)Andalusian, probably hens.
    4)Looks EE to me. Definitely not Araucana, most likely not Ameraucana
    5)Ummm...that's a pretty obvious roo. He'll get prettier. I would say Austrolorp, because even at that age our Jersey Roos were fleshier.
    6)Definitely a hen. Does she have spurs? If so, are there a lot of them on each foot? Sumatras tend to have a lot of spurs, even on hens. Also, if her comb&wattles stay purplish red I would say Sumatra.

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