Help identify this 7.5 week old silver/gray pullet :)


In the Brooder
Mar 22, 2015
We got "Goldie" at the Agway 7.5 weeks ago. She was supposed to be a Golden Laced Wyandotte, but she feathered out in silver and gray. Her legs are gray/green, and she is really strong, eagle-like. She is the queen of the chickens :) I thought she might be a Silver-laced Wyandotte, but now she has fluffy tufts of feathers on her cheeks. I didn't see any pics of the fluffy cheeks on the Wyandotte photos, so I'm wondering what breed she could be (since Agway obviously got it wrong the first time). Thank for the help!

Thank you! That's quite a surprise, as I really did want more colored eggs. She's a great chicken - mystery solved :)

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