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Oct 1, 2010
Hi, I am fairly new to chicken raising, have a flock of 6 RIR hens, 7 weeks old. The last few days at work, oddly enough, this chicken was hanging out in front of our building. I placed a found ad online, but haven't heard anything. So, I was thinking that maybe it was a roo, or someone thought it was a roo and let it go. Dunno.

Well, I netted it and was going to bring it home, separated for a while. I don't even know if it is a bantam or a standard, what breed, or approximate age. If someone could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks!




I know these pictures aren't the best, but the person holding it for me was scared. There are no tell-tale roo feathers. Looks like a leghorn heen tail, sort of upward pointing. It is blonde, not quite buff color.
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Its a hen, looks like an OEG(Old English Game Bantam). Could you post a pic of her standing by herself and I could give you a better answer.
These pictures are a little hard to tell much by, but I'm almost certain that's an old english game bantam. Perhaps she's a red pyle OEGB? Look that up and see what you think.
She's cute!
OMG, you guys are NOT going to believe this. Answered the sex question. Ha, that has to be the funniest thing ever. I opened the box (we just caught her about an hour ago) to get a standing up picture, imagine my surprise. A perfect little egg! I looked around outside, like I said she has been hanging out here since Monday morning. Didn't find any though. She's in the cardboard box because I am at work, she has been hanging out under the bushes in the front.



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