Help identifying Coturnix colors, please


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I think the one in the first pic is a red tuxedo. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm still VERY new at this.
In the second picture, what is the one laying down right in the middle, with his or her legs stretched out? How about the 3 dark ones to the right, surrounding the Texas A & M, are they tibetans?

Thanks. These are my first Coturnix (I also have 46 babies and counting, that just hatched yesterday/this morning) and I am in LOVE. These things are better than chickens, lol! The ones in the pictures are about 3 weeks old.
I "believe" that the one in the middle is a red. I think the others are called Rosettas. Don't quote me though. Give quaillady(think thats her name) a chance and she will be able to tell you for sure.
Your first photo is a red tuxedo
In the second photo behind the red tuxedo is a Manchurian Golden
The center shows a Red Golden
Behind the Red Golden is a regular Tuxedo
Next to the Regular tuxedo is a British Range (Rosetta). UK calls them American Range (How confusing is that??!!!)
In front of British range is a Pharaoh or a Jumbo Brown (size difference will tell ya)
Next to British range in that corner is an English White or Texas A and M (size difference is only difference)
Next to the Whites look like two dark British Ranges (Tibetan)

I think I got them all
Any hiding???

CUTE babies and great assortment.
Thanks Quail Lady, that helps a lot! It was that Red Golden that was confusing me. Thought it might've been fawn before the adult feathers came in, but when they did, the pattern was like Range rather than the wild type. The red golden and red tux are my favorites. Just hatched out 48 more last night/today and looks like at least 3 are going to be some form of red, so YAY! (Also, YAY, I think I've finally got the hang of incubating. My first 2 tries didn't go so well.)

BTW, I'm the new Michelle from the buttonquail411 group, so I know you from over there. I was hoping you'd chime in on this thread.
Thanks again!
Oh, one more question for ya, I have a baby that looks just like the manchurian babies (yellow with 3 black stripes running down the back) but his stripes are sort of rusty brown instead of black. Any ideas what that will turn out to be? I'll see if I can get a picture. TIA


Not the best pic. In normal light there is quite a bit of difference in the color of the stripes. The one at the bottom of the pic is the one I'm asking about. On top is a normal Manchurian. I'm guessing he'll be a Manchurian with less black/more rust as an adult?
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It looks like a manchurian still. I will have to look closer when I am in front of a computer (on my phone:))

quaillady, difference :p it's all cool

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