Help identifying this sickness. Lost one last night, more sick..

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    Here is the info:
    These guys are Bantam 3-4 wks old, kept inside in a brooder w/ shavings. I treated for Cocci in the past due to bloody and suspicious poop. ( with Sulmet) Feeding- Medicated starter.

    Also just discovered that they are covered in mites and lice- ewww!
    Treated last night with food grade DE powdering their body lightly.

    Symtoms: I noticed this when I got them but kept a close eye on them. So slow illness.

    Eyes seem off- like the shape of eye area seems loose and now you can see pinkness of actual eye ball. Not sure if this is called sunken in.
    They don't look very healthy, as their feathers look dirty,lusterless, and grimy..(probably from the mites)

    They close eyes alot and stand still and look lethargic at times. They seem to eat and poop and drink though.

    They eyes seem worse now-loose eye area, more standing still sleep looking.

    breathing sounds fine, no mucous, sneezing etc.

    The smallest one died last night. I found it laying on its side yesterday and it did eat some egg but wouldn't drink. The feeder was empty so they were hungry. It couldn't keep itself standing and started trembling lightly like it was cold in,it didn't look paralyzed as both feet were trembling. later it lay there on its side eyes closed, sad-it was the smallest little frizzle. This one showed no real symptoms except for eyes closing and sometimes just resting like it didn't feel well.

    Any clues? Should I get an antibiotic and just treat them all? If so what kind?
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    Don't know. I'm thinking it might be dehydration causing the sunken in eyeballs. A mineral/vitamin like Pedialyte might be needed.
    This will bump you up though.
  3. CA Bean

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    Thanks for the bump. I did put some vitamins in the water...don't really think that is it though..[​IMG]
  4. chickflick

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    Mar 10, 2007
    I don't know either...hey all you experts, get off chat and help this poor person out!
  5. tfpets

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    Quote:The DE is not going to get rid of or kill that bad of infestation of mites!! They are still being killed, DE will help prevent them by messing up little bugs bellys but not kill them fast!
    You need something to off them right away! A chick safe poultry powder from Tractor supply would be your best bet, and now. I'll go out and read mine and see if its safe.
  6. tfpets

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    Oh yeah, Im not expert either, but I know those bugs will kill the chicks by emaciating them to the point of death! Poultry Powder uses Permethrin, Sevin is carbyl. Others may be able to offer non-chemical or natural/organic ways to keep them from dying due to the infestation. You may need to bathe and blow dry them, with something to get the bugs off, especially around the vent, and their entire living area now has to be treated. The critters get into nooks and cranny's and the bedding, and come back out at night and re-infest them! I hope it works out for you, at least they are young and you can clean up their space!! Sorry if you dont like using these methods to combat it (I even whitewash the wooden walls with DE, use it like paint!)
    Best of luck
  7. speckledhen

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    Did you raise them from hatch or did you just get them? I really have no idea what's causing this, sorry.
  8. CA Bean

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    Thanks everyone! Atleast for the support and for the mite advice. If anyone has any clues about any of the symptoms let me know! I will go out tomorrow and get some mite stuff.

    No these are not from hatch but from a feed store. Boy they are so infested it is aweful..I can see them running rampant near their eyes an everything..they even crawled on my hand. EWWW!
    Thank goodness they are not in a coop yet! Otherwise that would be a nightmare! They are in a plastic brooder container with shavings and some stall dry mixed in...better clean em out.
  9. CA Bean

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    Just noticed yet another one with the same eye look..saggy around the eyes..sickly something is going on here. Should I do an antibiotic?! Recommendations? Please.
  10. steffpeck

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    Does this sound like what your are seeing??

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