HELP!, incubating shipped duck eggs and may have messed up! freaking out!


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Jul 9, 2014
its day 24 I didn't know that ducks and chickens are different since people incubate them together. I stopped turning on day 19 and they have been on lock since. are they going to be ok if I stopped turning to early? they have been on lock for days should I candle them or just wait? they all seem to be pulsing back and forth gently[like they are alive?] idk, I hope I didn't screw these guys up....also part are rouin and part are welsh harlequin
I'm afraid there is not much you can do now you may get some that hatch. It's a good thing that you can see them moving there must be life in them and they could be getting position for hatching and that's why you can see them moving. By day19 when you stopped turning they should have been reasonably well developed which is better than a small embryo getting stuck to the inside of the shell. Try not to beat yourself up about this we all make mistakes I know I have, it's how we all live and learn. Wishing you the very best of luck with your duck eggs :fl
I personally wouldn't they should be getting in position now for hatching and I wouldn't want to disturb them or loose humidity in the incubator. That's just my personal preference but if you feel you really need too do it very quickly. Good luck :fl

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