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    Ok so one day a whole bunch of chickens came and stayed in my back yard and the live in my back yard (ironic huh) I don't have a coop for them. I feed them corn masa mixed with brown rice I wet it so it will hold. And there is one rooster and there are four hens with chicks. I noticed one hen had only 3 chicks but I looked in the makeshift shelter that I made for her and she had 6 eggs left so anyways I get back from school and I see the rooster jumping and pecking at the ground and I look closely and it's a CHICK and I looked in the makeshift shelter and there are only 5 uncraked eggs so the poor chick hatched by himself and wondered off without a mother and the rooster found him and attaked him that's what I suppose happened well anyway I brought the chick inside I have a shallow dish of water for him and the same mix of corn masa and brown rice all organic by the way ANYWAYS I wondering if anyone could tell me what and what not to do please and thnx oh and he has opens wounds one on the side of his head not to close to his eye and one under his wing both not to deep but still open and he also has like no skin on his side but think he hatched that way he also can't be more than a day old since I checked the shelter everyday and once again please tell what and what not to do
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    You probably haven't gotten any replies because this is a very unpleasant issue. When a person encounters a chick like the one you are trying to rescue, their first impulse is to try to make it better so it can live. But that isn't the only right choice in this situation.

    When you take into consideration all the facts of the matter, it may be a better choice for the chick to euthanize it.

    In the world of chickens, a chick is usually killed by the rooster or the hen who hatched it when it has something wrong with it. It sounds as if this is indeed the case with this chick.

    Even if you succeed in healing this chick, it has already been cast out of its flock and wouldn't have any real chance of rejoining it, and may even be killed anyway after all your trouble.

    If this were my choice, I would euthanize the chick. Sometimes the right choice isn't the easy one. [​IMG]
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