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Apr 14, 2011
I have babies trying to hatch. I am worried about this little guy. I have never had them this color around the pip. Is it in trouble, he has peeped all night and I can still see movement. I took a straw and added some warm ter through the vent at the top of the bator to add a little more moisture!! Worried and anxious.
I hope you can see it good enough on the pix.

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I can make out some discoloration - I have seen that when they pip at the small end of the egg, pipping that end often causes a small bleed. ( Looks like one of the eggs in there has pipped the wrong way ) But I have never seen an egg that colour where the airsac is quite like that. Sometimes there is a bit of colour around the boarder of the air cell. It may be moisture from within the egg- did you candle to look at the size of the aircells before you went into lockdown?
I did candle but not all of them. I have one hatched. I seen the one pipped at the wrong end. I'm not seeing any movement from the discolored egg now. The little duckling that has hatched is resting on it. Should I do anything?
I'm afraid it may be to late for the little discolored egg. The one that has pipped at the wrong end, I noticed late yesterday. It seems to be making some progress. I wished I would have candled all the eggs before lockdown.
There is only one thing I can suggest- but it means opening the incubator, which will effect the humidity- and may cause more trouble than it may help. It hard to tell for sure in the photo- where exactly is the pip?? I mean - I can see it - but I am wondering if the egg had rolled over a bit. Making sure the ducklings beak is facing upwards is important if there is excess moisture or fluid in the egg.
I can gently move the egg with the straw through the vent at the top of the bator. I'm going to run and check again.
Dont give up hope for it yet- sit and watch it for a while to see if there is and wobbling- It may take a while - also talk to the eggs- you may here some talking back to you, and it may encourage some of them to move a bit letting you know the duckling inside is still alive.
Making sure the egg stays beak up is going to be a big problem. The little guy who has hatched is all over the place in there. I have so many pips and I am afraid to risk opening the bator at this point. I thought about removing the hatched one, but, that would mean opening the bator.
OH, there is still a little movement.. I know the little thing is so tired. I am going into full anxiety mode!!!!
Thats is a good sign then.

Sadly - loosing some is inevitable sometimes.. It will be a tough time for you- but opening the bator now could put the other eggs at risk. Hopefully this little one will surprise you- Try to find something to take your mind off whats happening in the incubator for a while- but keep watching for wobbling, the do rest for a while between pipping and unzipping. Intervention may be necessary - but knowing the exact time that it is necessary varies.

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