HELP!! Just born baby goslings infested with worms (or maggots) in vent


5 Years
May 22, 2014
So, I have never seen or heard of poultry or waterfowl being born infested with so many worms. But here is my situation:

Our (7) brand new Geese parents that have never hatched goslings before had a clutch of 5 babies. One momma stayed to sit on the other nest for a couple days, until she abandoned it to graze with the babies and the rest of the flock. A couple days later I found some baby geese hatching in the abandoned nest. One was really stuck so I helped it hatch, but it soon died from what at the time looked like a prolapsed cloaca. Another baby was ok so I separated it in a brooder to get some strength.

Then the next day the momma started sitting on the nest again. When I checked later there where two more babies born. I immediately checked the vent for issues, and they were kind of bloody like the other that had died, but nothing protruding. When I started cleaning their vents small 1/8-1/4 inch white worm or maggot things started coming out. Once I had cleaned few I could see how horrible it was, there are so many worms it looks like the vent is bubbling like boiling water, but it is the worms! I wormed w/ Fenbendazole immediately.

No luck, one gosling died today and the other is looking bad. The baby gosling that died looked as if these worms ate it alive from the vent to the inside!!!

Now I am wondering if this is fly strike. I just found that on internet land and have never heard of it. Can that happen to just born baby goslings? I am worried more are going to be born soon and all will succumb to this. Please advise any info would help. Such as insecticide safe to spray on these worms, meds, etc.

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