HELP! Legalize Kettering OHIO.


5 Years
Sep 16, 2014
Early this year(2014) I looked into this, still waiting on info from the city to 'do a study'. It became illegal in 2008 to own chickens. The story goes when a chicken got loose the sky began to fall. Animal control got involved, then in 2008 it was written into law, no chickens. I am organizing a group of people to help in convincing the council that this is something more than one person has looked into.

Please email any or all of the following...
1. Questions about current chicken laws.
2. Interest in allowing chickens.

Rob Scott: District 1 [email protected]
Joseph D. Wanamaker: District 2 [email protected]
Walter A. (Tony) Klepacz: District 3 [email protected]
Bruce E. Duke, Vice Mayor: District 4 [email protected]
Amy Schrimpf: At-Large Councilmember [email protected]
William J (Bill) Lautar: At-Large Councilmember [email protected]

Thank you very much

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