Help! Listless 8-day old chick!


Sep 9, 2009
Anyone? Ideas? She is 8-days old. She was fine (running around, eating, drinking like all the other chicks) up until last evening. Now she just stands there, with droopy eyelids. She doesn't even lay down. I thought maybe she was just tired from her daily "playtime" but she was no better this morning. Her vent looks fine and unblocked. There was a tiny little bit of dried white pooh on her but not enough to justify a stressful bath. Even though she sort of drinks and sort of eats (she acts like she's really not that interested in food or water, just occasionally pecks at it for the heck of it) I think I will try to feed her Pedialyte tonight. Everybody else is fine (one other chick has had paste-up all week... but she gets bathed 3x a day and it is improving).

Any thoughts??? Or do I prepare for the worst?
Just guessing that it may be Cocci. If you can find some Corid I would just go ahead and medicate them all.

I found mine at the local tack and feed store. It won't hurt them and it may save her and possible more if it spreads.

Also, some vitamins in the water.

Keep reading, there are some great people here who hopefully will add their thoughts.
Hmmm... Geez I hope not! I clean their brooder 2-3x a day (change out the paper towels when they get too poohy... yes, I'm slighty fanatical about it) and they get clean water and feed (Purina Starter) 3x a day as well. It's NEVER wet in the brooder and the heat lamp is always on. But I will look for the "Corid" today... but I read it's not good to treat chicks if it's NOT Coccidiosis???

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It is still great to have on hand. You may want to just keep an eye on the chick and then if any others come down with symptoms, then medicate.

I know I have used it as a preventative on mine when I am ready to send them in the big girl coop. None have ever been harmed from it, but then again this is me, not you. Do what you feel is right for you.

If no one else answers, start another post! I don't know what else it could be other than just failure to thrive.

Have you given it any sugar water? Vitamins? I have heard others also give plain yogurt. You may want to try these first.
It COULD be cocci, but I doubt if, if it's very dry as you say. If they are lethargic, that is usually followed by blood in the poop. It sometimes looks mucousy.

May I ask why you have them on paper towels?
I will try all of these! Thanks! I REALLY don't want to lose her... I'd feel like such a bad chicken-mom! I've NEVER lost a chick yet and I'm trying really hard not to! Ugh!
I have them on paper towels for easy quick clean up (read about it on here actually). Newspaper is too slick for their little feet and they're too young for pine shaving right now (this week they will get shavings).
OH, okay - I typically leave mine on puppy training pads for 3 days, then switch to pine shavings. So long as they know what/where their food is (which typically takes 3 day) and that shavings are not food, it's okay to switch.

Have you noticed any red-tinged poop?
Come to think about it it I did see one small pooh 2-3 days ago with a barely noticeable tiny bloody streak in it (out of all of it, my eyes zeroed in on it) but it was such small amount my "alarm bell" didn't go off ( I think I was waiting to see another one but I haven't) just the "wait to see if it happens again bell" And I have been inspecting the pooh since day one. AND I don't know who pooped it.
Well, if one has cocci, they've all been exposed. It usually does present as lethargy, and blood-streaked or mucousy poop. If these chicks were mine, I'd treat for Coddi. Corid or Sulment work great. BEST of luck!

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