Help lost 3 birds in 24 hours, 2 more sick!! Update SOME blood in poop

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  1. kimmom

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    Feb 20, 2010
    So the short version of the long story..
    A friend gave me 10 birds about 6 weeks ago, they were kept separate from mine, one died after about a week and now 5 weeks later another died.. At first I thought maybe Merricks?
    We also have a coop with out layers and special banties, one in there starting acting sick yesterday am, we separated her out from the others to the sick kennel, she dies early this am. Then in another area of our farm we have a chicken tractor with some roosters we were raising to eat, one of them died suddenly last night and two more in there are acting sick and are separated off.
    All similar symptoms all gone within 24 hours of acting sick..
    Other factors..
    we have just gotten over a week of rainy colder weather, a big change from normal here.
    The one chicken tractor with roosters was moved to a new grass area over the septic leach field (I was told that was ok??) but there is comfrey growing there..
    The kids do chores with all birds so could track poop on boots but other than that the chickens have not been together
    The roosters are 5 months old
    The friends birds 1-2 years
    My layers and banties between 6 months and 3 years
    One set in the tractor needs a second delicing..
    Haven't been wormed in a year and there are feral cats in the area.
    They are all on same feed doesn't seem off or moldy though I did replace bag of it..
    They get kitchen scraps and very occasionally there is an orange peel, banana peel or pepper bit in there though they don't eat it. Try to make sure nothing is off or moldy they eat, though with heavy rain hope they didn't get into something moldy


    off balance
    stumbles a bit if walking
    catches self with wing when goes off balance
    will sit with eyes closed
    sits somewhat puffed up
    leaning on wings
    some have been puking up water
    drinking alot of water
    stool in some seem normal others runnier
    within 24 hours of onset death
    After death one was bloated with green poop stuck under it, maybe this is normal for after they die

    So should I be sending the bodies to the lab here, not easy since we are on an island where there isn't one?
    I have started them on a broad spectrum antibiotic (Streptocillin- will check brand name) added to water that I was told to try by a local poultry person
    Also added Actigen (Mannan Oligio Saccaride) sprinkled on their feed as recommended by a local poultry person
    Any other advice much appreciated!!!
    The ones in the coop are my daughters very special birds!!

    Update two sick ones are still wobbly and found some blood in poop from where they were.. I have them on a pencillin/streptocillin combo.. should I look at switching to a coccidiosis treatment or is it OK to add in some medicated feed??
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  2. kimmom

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    Feb 20, 2010
    Does it sound like botulism to anyone?? If so can people get it from birds that have it? We follow safe handwashing etc but I feel sick today
    not sure if its the stress from losing birds though [​IMG]
  3. RedRoosterFarm

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    Mar 25, 2010
    Eatonville, Washington
    I would send a few birds to be tested and see what it is. I am so sorry. Please keep us posted.
  4. mszbdog1

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    Sep 15, 2010
    Any success in finding out whats going on with your chicks, if so please post as I am going through same thing, symptoms and all.
    Thank you in advance,
  5. kimmom

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    Feb 20, 2010
    The other two sick ones are still alive but more wobbly today, sitting back on their legs using wings to support at times.. I also found small amounts of blood in the poop in the chicken tractor that still has 6 birds in, the one I took these ones out of last night to isolate them..

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