Help, Lost little chick!


7 Years
Apr 13, 2012
Wellington Florida
Thank you for taking the moment to read this.
This morning I left for school and closed the door to my room, locking the one that leads to the bathroom, and left my five little chicks inside their box. Normally, this is fine as it pretty much has always been since we've been keeping chicks. Well today I came home to find all the chicks outside, one of them with puncture wounds in her sides, and three others perfectly fine, just a little shaken. I gathered them up and put the healthy ones in a new plastic box with a rail lid so they can breath, and wrapped up the hurt one so it stayed warm and safe, as she was probably in shock. The issue is, we still have one silver polish missing. It seems that my cat can unlock and open the bathroom door to my room, letting in the other kitten I take care of. She has been known to chase the bantam chickens when she gets out, although my kitten is terrified of these chicks, he runs off like a snake when it sees a mongoose. I did not find any silver feathers anywhere in my room or around the house, and still haven't found the chick. Here's the question, does anyone know where a chick would like to hide in a house if it were being chased, or where a cat might like to take something it has captured? I would at least like to find its body in order to give it a proper burial, although I am hoping that I will find her alive and well with maybe just a scratch mark at most.
Thank you,
Sammi Jacobbe
That's horrible, do you think your cat ate it? Cats are good at hiding their kills......I hope that wasn't the case and you find your baby safe and sound.

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