Help! Lost one chick, and another appears ill!

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    This is the first time we are raising chickens. Bought four, two-day old white rock chicks from a farmer on June 21st (which makes them two weeks old right now). During the first week, one chick was obviously slower than the other ones, slept more and was less active. This same chick did not grow as fast as the others either, and at 9 days old it died. Now, one of the three remaining chicks appears to be ill. Same symptoms: less active, sleepier, seems to be in a daze, and today noticed that it has obviously fallen behind the other two chicks in growth. This particular chick had a bit of diarrhea, but seems to have cleared up. Up until this point, it was eating and drinking just fine (as was the first chick that died), although it is not as interested in food offered by hand as the other two healthy chicks are. There are no respiratory symptoms, other than what appears to be somewhat labored breathing at times. It is able to stand and walk, but appears to prefer laying around. I have used a medicated chick starter from the beginning, but chicks have not been vaccinated against anything. I am particularly concerned about what is affecting these two-week old chicks, because I am expecting a new hatch tomorrow and do not want the new chicks infected. Any help, any advice would be much appreciated!!

    Ok, i posted my question, with pics, in the chick forum. Maybe that was where i should have posted this originally, lol. Sorry!
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