Help! Lump on chicken's shoulder (graphic images)


Apr 21, 2021
Help please! I just found this lump on my chicken's shoulder and I am worried about it. She hasn't been acting differently or anything. It is kind of hard. Any ideas what it could be? Cyst? I have just never seen this on one of my ladies before :(

She's got an infection. Probably was accidentally injured by a rooster if you have one.

@Wyorp Rock
Thank you Lacy! I don't have a rooster, but do you have a recommendation on what to do next? Should I just treat with some antibiotics? I have wound spray that I put on there. Will it go away with those treatments?
It should go away with treatments. If there's a cyst, then you'll need to drain it. (A hollow needle would do the trick.) I'd first clean it with Hydrogen Peroxide, then a Saline rinse for all other cleanings. For the best answers, I'm not highly experienced on treating infections, but @Wyorp Rock should be more helpful. :)
Can you trim the feathers away from the wound and get some clearer photos?

Is it the top of the wing and underneath the wing too? Hard to tell the location of the wound.

Is there a bad odor?
There isn't a bad odor. It's kind of the bottom crook of the neck and just above where the wing is.

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