Help major emergencie I hope it isn't to late please help me!! :(


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Nov 5, 2013



My rooster has a swollen foot I thought it would be bumble foot but there's no plug what could it be!!!! And now there's something in his eye how would I get it out I don't want to loose and I don't want to see him in pain no more so it's either I find a way to help him or I'm taking him out of his pain I just really don't want to do that my kids love him... Please anyone help me he's limping so bad !
It could be bumblefoot but you caught it before the plug developed. It looks like the plug is going to develop on the top of the foot which is not unheard of. I would treat it as bumblefoot and wait for the plug to develop and do the surgery and in the meantime put him on a systemic antibiotic.
Agreed. The eye pic isn't the greatest, but it looks like whatever it is may be in the membrane rather than the eye. In either case, you can flush with sterile saline solution, but I wouldn't get too aggressive with trying to remove what may be there.

His foot does look like bumblefoot, a natural defensive reaction to a puncture wound. It's not a fresh wound. The abscess will be full of thick, hard pus. Antibiotics will help him fight any additional infection. Daily soaking in warm Epsom salt water can help accelerate the healing process.
It looks to me as if your bird is not only suffering from a staph infection in the foot, but also dry pox.
For the foot, I'd mix up some Epsom salts in very warm water, and soak the bird's foot in a bowl for a good 10 minutes.. Get some Pen G injectible from the feed store. Get some 16 & 22 gauge needles and some 1 to 3cc syringes (preferably with a luer-lock tip).
Here's some info about using penicillin:

Here is some info on Fowl Pox:

Here is some info about controlling mosquitos which spread pox:
Oh wow and what else is he suffering from I talked to a vet and explained it and she told me to get some kind of oil or something for mites and Epsom salt you say? So I will just soak his feet in it?

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