HELP!! Major pecking order problems!

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  1. I just realized that those mysterious scabs on my chicken's combs were from other chickens drawing blood by pecking. The lower down in the pecking order they are, the more scabs they have. ONe hen in paticular is being the victim (Midnight) and another one being the bully (Auroura) But they are all participating. HELP!!
  2. ChickensAreSweet

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    Pinless peepers as a last resort.

    If you are running a light in there at night I'd go to a red bulb or something to eliminate that temptation to peck when confined for the night. Flock block for boredom in the coop but then they like that sometimes better than their regular food.
  3. We do use a red light for heat, but it doesn't shine very brightly. Could I put hot sauce on the victim(s) combs? I heard that discourages pecking.
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    If they have open wounds on their combs, I wouldn't go putting any hot sauce on them. Ouch!
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    If it's mostly happening at roost time, and you have the space in your coop, add another roost. The more room they have to space themselves out, the less arguing there'll be.
    I would not put hot sauce on a wound. Try BlueKote from Tractor Supply (or other farm type stores). It's sort of blue/purplish...and camouflages it's an antiseptic.
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    Hot sauce on an open wound? No thanks! I would isolate the mean girl(s) if you can for a few days and when you reintroduce them, the pecking order will be different and they will no longer be at "the top".
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    There is a Rooster Booster No pick lotion that I use for baby chicks' bottoms after I wash off the pasty butt. It works well for chicks as it tastes bad to them. It looks like molasses and stains.

    I have read some people use Blu Kote but I don't know if it works or not myself. Make sure to avoid the eye area with anything you use...someone also said Vicks Vapo Rub tastes bad to them...dunno.
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    I have a chicken that has a pretty big cut bye her tail so I took she out of the coop an cleaned it up an I have her in the garage. The peck order has been going on for at least 3 weeks. Help any tips?? I have 8 new chickens an 5 that are from my older flock.

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