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    So my group of bantams (10, mixed breeds) have just started laying and it’s utter chaos. I’ve got a mature buff orp who is routinely laying in a nest box. The bantams are very sporadic about their laying spots. Two of them only lay in the run (one in a food container, the other straight on the ground), the others switch between the nest boxes and the run. I’ve got 4 nest boxes with fake ceramic eggs. Im wondering what I can do to increase their use of the boxes. Perhaps the nest boxes need more cover? More fake eggs? Only 2 of the boxes are ever used, the others are always empty. Should I stack another layer of boxes on the same side as the favorite ones? I’m considering getting a covered litter box with wood chips in the run if they can’t be swayed to go inside. I’m worried eggs left out in the yard will get broken, and I may end up with egg eaters if they have broken eggs around. Thanks for suggestions!
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    Try raising the boxes a little and closing them in a bit. Right now they seem like part of the run floor. A cover on the feeder will help.
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    Agreed, I think they need a defined nesting box, that looks like the whole room is for laying , try a different flooring too. My boxes are full of sand I love it , no more throwing it out and the eggs are so clean
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    Well I went out to raise the frame the boxes are on up more and found this :lol::p I’ll let these ladies finish and then raise it up. I’ve got some wood to cover the boxes more too. Sand sounds interesting! I wish I had grabbed a bag at the hardware store; I usually keep one on had to refill their dust bath area.

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    Typical, give it time.
    Tho for 10 birds I'd have 3-4 nests.
    Fake eggs in all the nests can really help lure them in and 'spread the love'.
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    As they figure laying out, they will get better. I think it is kind of like potty training, they wait to long before trying to get to a nest and whoops. It is in the feed bucket! Haha

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