HELP! Mama is clueless!!


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Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
Our human mama is clueless. She brought the five of us home to this wacky farm. I remember her scooping us up from a metal bin marked sexed heavy pullets. I was glad to be out of that cold, unfriendly place. When HM (human mama) brought us home and stuck us under our new mama, Doe, it was pure heaven. Thankfully HM does have enough sense to leave us alone and let our Mama Doe handle the raising of us. Humans are okay, but they make sub-standard broodies, no offense.

We've been here three weeks now. We love it here! We get to free range with our mama and the rest of our fowl family all day long. Mama Doe takes good care of us. There's just one problem.....

Human Mama doesn't know what we are. She's been calling us jersey giants because of our yellow bottomed feet, dark legs and single combs, but we most definitely are NOT! HM also says we'll be big girls. Excuse me! I may grow up to be a bit fluffy and well, big boned, but I won't be a big girl.
HM also said something about the "sexers at Ideal" having been asleep at their workstations the day I was deemed a girl, whatever that means.

So what am I?


There's one of my nestmates that looks just like me. The other three, well they could be JGs for all this little chickie knows. HM can go right on calling them JGs for all I care!
Mama doesn't know her eggs from a cockledoodledoo.

We ALL have single combs.....

and I do wish she'd stop following us around with that camera thingie!
Human Mama just came after us with that camera thingie again. That is so not happening today, we're all having a bad feathers day.
Gold laced something--wyandotte is the first thing that comes to mind as it's the most common gold laced (in my area, at least), but they really don't look like wyandottes. Maybe really poor quality? What else is gold laced?
That's what I'm trying to figure out. I thought of the GLW. I kinda hope not, since wyandottes aren't my favorite of breeds. Someone else mentioned black stars (sex links) to me. I think that's a possibility too.

Was really hoping to stay with only the heritage breeds - no egg factories - but they are loved anyhow, whatever they are.
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Yeah, that one does the roo stance quite often but I'm still holding out hope.

Still don't have a clue what they are though.

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