Help me build a awesome dog run


12 Years
Jul 1, 2007
IL side of the QCA
Im am plaining a dog run for my two big dogs. I have a 25x25ft building and could do a 25x25x25 or bigger dog run. Id like to only use a 100ft of fence. Im going to use four foot fence with hotwire on the top and bottom of it. They are going to have a sandbox to dig in and a pool for swimming.

Part of the building of im going to use for storage. But most of it will be for the dogs. Im thinking of putting a couple old couches and chairs in it too.

How does that sound? I need to do this as cheaply as possable. The building has to be cleaned out and i have to buy the fence still. They have a pool so i'll just move it to the run. The hotwire will have to wait for a while.
Should i make the run bigger? Its for a lab and a border/lab

Edited to say we are also turning a unused room in the house into a catroom for the house cats. We might make them a outdoor enclosure too. And no i don't have kids in case your wondering.
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