Help me! Chicken leg problem, just sit, not splayed let


9 Years
Jul 15, 2010
New Haven County
I have some chicken with leg problem. They came out yesterday. Some of them cannot stand and just sit. It is not the splayed leg. I think I must have the temp problem, as they came out 22nd and 23rd day. Can anyone tell me if I can do anything to help them?


He came out about 16 hours ago, and the one came with him is already runding in the box. When he grovels when he wants to move.
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It happens, sometimes even in the best hatches.

There may be little you can do, electrolites and vitamins won't hurt. But contrary to what seems to be many peoples thinking, iron free baby vitamins won't cure chicks with congenital defects.

Obvious major defects I see are culled immediatly, but I tend to give any questionable chick 24 hours and if things don't improve I feel they are unlikely to and cull humainly. Granted I have too little time and too much to look after both on and off farm to nurse special needs animals.

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