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    Next week is Wolf Lake swap meet. Sooooooooo, had helmits, loved them but hawks did too. Had rollers, except hawks loved them plus I didn't want to use the time to train them. Thinking homers (white), can send them w/daughter to school, she is to release them when she gets there.....but I would have to have trap as they will be in chicken house and in winter, it will be shut up.

    So what do you think?
  2. deerman

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    Good homers, but the whites are easy for the hawks to see. Yes use a trap door for them. Only let them out for a few hours per day.

    Racer of homers, Out 2 times a day, if not flying they are in the loft. Never let them set around out side.

    This will work on rollers too.

    After they get older, coopers and hawk that size, can still catch them in the air, redtail and larger hawk to slow to catch many.

    No matter what type if you let them have free flight, you are going to lose most if not all.

    Hawks once they find a free flying flock they will be there every day to feed.

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