help me i think my roo is dieing


8 Years
May 15, 2011
bronson, fl
I just bought a roo home from a local breeder. This breeder is about 35 mins away. When we left my roo and 2 hens were packed in a card board box with 2 air holes (like 2in by 3in holes) as soon as we got home we unpacked them all. The two hens were eager to get out and the roo came kinda calmer than I thought he would. After putting him in his pen, he just flopped over on the floor. He is still breathing and I got him wet cause I was thinking he was hot. But now I'm scared cause non of it worked and he is just laying on his back. Please help with advice
You need to get him off of his back if you can. Is it possible he got too hot? If so, bring him into the AC to cool him down and give him plenty of cool water to drink.
Quickly give him some water or gatorade. He may have heat stroke. Keep him cool. Getting him wet is good. Last year I found one of my silkies like that. The coop was hot and they had run out of water (my fault). She was laying there. I wet her down, dried her with a paper towel so she was damp. Brought her in the house for a day. She recovered, and I put her back the next night, night was cooler , and less shock.
I have him in the house in a cage got some chick aid in with him and a strawberry to give him a little want to get up. He is moving around a lot now.acting like his legs are weak. He hasn't drank yet should I try to help him drink? How would I do that
Dip his beak in the water, (not his nostrils). Or use a dropper and give him one drip at a time. He sounds better. My silkie found the water on her own. Try to use a red dish, seems to attract them better.
Ok so the roo just went poop and all it was is liquid. I would say he went pee but I didn't think they did the two acts seperatly. Anyone know what that is all about?
Make sure he is eating enough to sustain himself. It sounds like he got overheated. Maybe giving him some electrolytes would get him perked up. Or put a bit of sugar into his water. He sounds like he is doing better. Maybe post a pic?

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