Help me identify my three fuzzybutts for 2009! I'm SO EXCITED!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by robbinbaker, Feb 22, 2009.

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    I decided to get three more (I know, I know! They're ADDICTIVE!). I have three wonderful girls from last year's brooder... and three more should round out the back yard nicely... right?

    Well... I wanted Polish or Spitzhaubens... but I have a girl who likes to eat the other's feathers so I thought anything with big poofy heads would just be asking for trouble. So we toodled off to the fancy feed store today and picked out 1 Cochin, 1 Barred Rock and 1 Delaware. I think one is a couple days older than the other two - who were born Feb. 18th.

    Anyway - I can't remember which is the Delaware and which is the - Barred... I'll have to go look at some photos.

    All our chickens are named for feminists - I mean, what's more female than an egg-laying-bossy-pants who rules the backyard and chases the Shih-Tzu? Outside we have Cleopatria, Gloria (Steinem) and Betty (Friedan). Inside babies are Lisa Simpson, George Sand and Audre Lorde. I think it's neat that the inside babies share their birthday (Feb. 18) with Audre Lorde.

    If anyone can remind me which is the Barred and which is the Delaware, I'd appreciate it. And send out good chicken vibes that none turn into Roos like last year. I still miss him....


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    In the bottom picture, the chick to the with the white stripe in the wing, I believe is the barred rock. 6 hens roaming the backyard is a good number. How fun, they are so cute. No Roo's.....No Roooooo's OK you should be all set! [​IMG]

    by the way, the barred rock looks a few day older than the others. Usually they are all black with a spot on the head then the barring comes in later like that one. Plus I see a little sign of a comb there so she that one is a little older. The Delaware is the yellow chick in back. They get little signs of black barring in the future I believe. I never owned Delaware's but they are so beautiful.
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