Help me indentify whats wrong in my chicken mouth: and object, specific disease, solidfied purulence...? and what should I do?


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Nov 18, 2021
It looks like canker.
If you are not in the USA this might be your easiest option.
Thank you. I live in Brazil, tomorrow I will try to find a proper medication in the local pet/agricultural stores. If I can't find anything specific, I will make use of the Metranizadole, and 2 days later, I will make use of the probiotics as @Weeg has suggested.
Glad your getting her to eat, but do you have normal chicken feed? If so, what feed is it? Just feeding her cornmeal and oats isn't going to help her. Its not nutritious enough to be beneficial. The best thing you can do is wet down a balanced commercial chicken feed and feed that to her.
give her water separately as well. Sounds like your on the right track though, nice work!
Thank you for everything. I thought oats were pretty nutritious? By tomorrow morning when I feed her I will use normal hen food then.
It does look like canker, a protozoan disease carried by pigeons. Usually there is a bad odor. Do you notice any? Other similar diseases without the bad odor are the wet form of fowl pox, or a yeast/fungal infection. Canker can be carried to your other chickens, so separate her. Disinfect all waterers and feeders with a 10% bleach solution and rinse well. Some use acidified copper sulfate in the water for 3 days a month at a dosage of 1/4 tsp per gallon of water as a preventative. Metronidazole is one of several drugs that may treat canker.
It smells terrible, yes. As far I have searched, everything relates to canker. I will give it a search on the other diseases you have described as well. I will take your suggestions on the water treatment tomorrow.

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