Help me my chicken has a problem !!!!!!

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    I am in need of someones advice about my chicken, she had got out of her caged area and got out in the road and got hit and ended up loosing her back feather and the side of her face scratch up and had ear problems and then after a 2 week posses, she finally healed up but her right side ear closed up and this has been about a month ago and now i just check on her and now she has a marble size bump on the side of her face and i tried to open up her ear but all it done was start bleeding so i stopped that and now i don't know what to do about this............Is this a serious thing? I'm in need of your all's help BAD, we don't have a vet here for livestock like this and so i had to resort to this, so please let me know, i don't want to loose her......So let me know thank you!!!!![​IMG]
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    It's very hard to know what's going on with your hen without seeing her, I suppose she could have an abcess there. It's been a while since the injury but I suppose she could have an injury under the skin or a bit of foreign material in there from the accident since you say the side of her face was injured. What does the lump feel like? Is it hard or mushy? Does it feel hot to the touch? How is the bird acting, is she eating and moving around normally?

    If it feels hot and inflammed she may have infection in there and would need antibiotic's, I do not know which one, hopefully somebody else can make a suggestion. If it's an abcess it would probably need draining and flushing out. Will any of the small animal vets in your area take a look at her? If not they may be able to suggest someone in your area who see's birds.

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