Help me pick which bantam Cochin rooster to keep.


5 Years
Jul 15, 2019
NW Ohio
I have three BC roosters. They were hatched in April this year. My entire aim in hatching BC was to end up with a splash BC, which I didn’t get anyway.
The first rooster is “Swayze”. He was the first to crow and is the first one out each morning. He dances over to me and I usually scoop him up. I named him after Patrick Swayze for his sexy little dance moves. The problem is that it’s gone to his head and he is rotten. He definitely bullies everyone and isn’t very nice to the hens. He has a cute little body but his legs are missing fullness.

The next little guy is much smaller. I think he’s beautiful and his legs are feathered out better. He’s taken longer to fill out and I don’t think he’s done. He’s black as well. I personally think he’s the prettiest of the three boys and I like his smaller size. Not that any of them are big at all.

The last little guys is what I believe is blue, but his feathers are outlined in darker gray. I’m not sure if that is the norm for a blue BC, but he’s not black. He is the most aloof of the three. I’m leaning towards keeping him so that in the future I can breed him to a couple blue hens in hopes to get splash. He’s a tiny bit bigger than the second rooster and also has nicer feathered legs than Swayze does.

I’ll toss in some pics of some of the hens just for kicks.
My little frizzle.

One of the little black hens wondering were the treats are.

A little blue girl.

I’m not 100% sure what color this little girl is.

Some dark chocolate.

And a little lighter chocolate.

Thanks for looking.
Which rooster would you keep?
I think you should keep the second and third. The second because of his type, but since you want splash coloring you can breed the blue to a blue. Blue birds should have dark edging on the feathers.
First one, I would probably get rid of. You mentioned bullying - if this is also applying to the humans, this would 100% be enough reason to remove him from the flock.

I would probably keep the second and third if they get along with eachother. It sounds like you generally want traits from both and both are being nice.
The first one is a bully to the chickens, but he is the friendliest of all the chickens to me. At first I thought he'd be hard to part with because he's so friendly but I can't stand the way he acts towards the others.

Thank you for clarifying the blue feathering. I wasn't sure if that dark edging was proper or not.
2nd and 3rd are adorable and #3 is a gorgeous colour
Thank you. I still have all three. I put Swayze in jail for awhile and it allowed #2, now known as Pretty Boy Floyd to take over the flock. They allowed Swayze back in but he is bottom of the rooster pecking order now. #3 is Elvis (in his blue suede feathered shoes).

I LOVE these birds. They get prettier everyday and they have great personalities!

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