Help me sort out rescued pullet please.


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Aug 17, 2011
I rescued a pullet yesterday, poor girl had not been looked after very well.
I put her in my small hospital coop so that i could keep her isolated from my flock. The 1st think i noticed yesterday was that her crop looked big, i checked her this morning and her scrop is not massive but there is a good tennis ball size hard lump, so i am assuming she is impacted, am i right?
Also i noticed her poop is very runny and very very green, is that a side effect of the impacted crop? or some thing else going on?
I was going to worm her but i'm going to hold back and deal with one thing at a time.
I have given her plain water and yogurt for now, is there any thing else i should be doing?
I will be grateful for any advise you good people can offer me, i am fairly new to chicken keeping.
Thanks in advance, Marlene.

PS ment to say that i was told she is about 30 weeks old, but i'm not too sure, anyway to tell a chickens age?
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Hi Marlene, I wouldn't rush into anything with meds, hold off on worming until she looks a little better.
Did you try to massage her crop? That sometimes can break up the mass and get it moving.
If it went down, she may have just gorged herself after being able to eat, and it just may be slow.
Yogurt, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, all work, look for these in the impacted crop thread in the beginning in the "emergencies" section.
You sound like you are doing everything right, just give it some time.
And congrats to helping her! Good luck with her,
Rescuing a pullet is a fine thing... Sorry she is not well, wish I could help, I'm sure some good BYC help is on the way.
Hi Roberta, thank you for your help.
I have now put acv in her water and given her a small suringe of olive oil, i did massage her crop for about 20 minutes, it feels solid.
I got her late yesterday afternoon and she already had the crop issue, it was 1 of the first things i noticed. I just had to wait till this morning to confirm that it was impacted.
Will keep massaging her crop a few times a day and hopefully i will manage to sort it out.
Can anyone else help with this situation.
Is green poop a sign of impacted crop? and any way to roughly tell the age of this chicken as i am doubting very much she is 30 weeks old.
I think green poop is a sign of poor maybe she's not digesting that food. She may have an impacted crop and need crop surgery. Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in soon.
Somewhere in the emergency index is a poop chart.
Was she kept on grass?
Long blades of grass may get hung up, making the poop green, also.
Yes i am almost sure she is impacted, i only got her yesterday afternoon and i thought then her crop looked too big. I waited till this morning to see what it was like, when i let her out her crop was the size of a small tennis ball and very hard, from what i have read it should be empty first thing in the morning.
So i went ahead and suringed some olive oil into her and massaged her crop for about 20 minutes, i gave her acv in her water and some yogurt with a bit more olive oil mixed into it. I remassaged her this afternoon and i think her crop felt just slightly softer than it did 1st thing this morning.
I will see what tomorrow brings with her and keep treating her as i have today till there is an improvement, just hope it passes as i really don't think i can perform the surgery.
Hopefully i can get her fully recovered, she is a sweet girl.
You are doing the right thing, keep massaging and giving her the oil. The acv water will help kill off any bad bacteria that may be forming from the impaction. Pretty sure that the strange poop is a sign that food is not being digested properly. Just keep massaging and hopfully you will break up whatever is blocking her crop. Good luck!

just wanted to say that the good news is that she IS pooping, so something is making its way through...
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Good morning, just a little update on my new girl.
This morning her crop felt a little softer, yesterday it felt rock hard so i'm hoping the olive oil is helping to loosen things up in there. The size of the impact is about the same size, no change from yesterday.
I am going to withhold food today, i will only be giving her a very small piece of bread soaked in oil as i struggled to suringe the oil in to her yesterday, so figured it would be easier to just put it on the bread.
She has not pooped as yet today but there was a very small poop in her coop this morning, she did poop yesterday but it was watery and bright green.
I will massage her a few timed today and see if i can get what ever is in her crop moving along.

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