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Mar 7, 2016
Hello everyone, I am a student at Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Fall, Oregon. I am currently working on a senior project about chickens as Emotional Support Animals/Therapy animals for veterans. Even if you are not a veteran I would like to know your opinion regarding chickens as Emotional Support Animals/Therapy animals. Please click on the link to take a short survey. Please share with your friends, family and any veterans you may know. Thank you Kami Walton


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Apr 19, 2012
NW Vermont
I did the survey yesterday. Had a problem with the question "how often do you go out to see the chickens each day". It only accepts a single number but that does not reflect my activity. In the winter, here in cold Vermont, I usually go down once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. The chickens hang in the barn run of their own choice when there is much snow on the ground. In warmer weather I'll go down probably 5-8 times a day since I'm more likely to be outside. I swing by to check for eggs and just say hi to the girls. Of course, more often than not they are not in the barn and I see them somewhere outside.


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May 8, 2017
Eastern Connecticut
I agree with Bruceha... At this point all my birds are in the brooder... but if its a nice day out, I'll take them out when I get home to the play pen outside... So, that's spending much more time with them then I probably will when they get to the coop. They're still fascinating though. :)

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