Help! my 12wk shamo has droopy wing


11 Years
Sep 18, 2008

yesterday evening my shamo cockerel (12 wks) was acting strange. His wing on one side would drop and he would pull it back up and it drops as soon as he relaxes. He seems to feeding ok and there are no apparent blood in its stool.
when I let it out this morning it seemed fine for 10 minutes or so while feeding and it started doing the same. I noticed as the wing drops to one side it sort of sits down and closes its eyes. no signs of any mites on him.

appreciate any help and sorry for the long post.
Sounds like Merack's: I'd seperate him & if his symptoms progress to a hemi-paresis [paralyzed on one side], which they will if it is Mareck's, then you should cull him.

thank you for the reply. I was hoping it would'nt be anything nasty as mareks.
I am really sorry to hear that as I really loved that chick as it is growing up really nice and tall.
Can you advised me how to prevent my future chicks I hatch from contracting this disease.
appreciate any advice.
The problem with"treating" Mareck's is if you are successful in keeping the bird alive what you are left with is a carrier that will infect any other birds you have or acquire.
you were saying that I should cull it as a surviving chicken it will be a carrier and spread the disease. should I have to cull all the other chickens aswell as I have 10 chicken and chicks in a backgarden where they live in close proximity and it might have spread to the others aswell.
pardon my ignorance, would you know where marecks come from or how do the chickens get it as all my chickens were hatched from eggs and not brought in as chickens from others.

p.s. the shamo in question seem to feeding ok and seems to be in same condition as I first discovered two days ago and has not got worse.
it responds really good when I offer feed.:|:|:|:|

doesn't necessarily have to be Marek's; it could be that he's injured his wing and is hurting. Try giving him some aspirin water and wrap the wing up into normal position with vet wrap or gauze and see how he does. Mine was doing the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I didn't have any vetwrap or gauze, so I made an emergency sling/wing brace of duct tape. It made an enormous difference. The wing is almost back in normal position. It still droops some, but it isn't dragging the ground now, and he is eating, drinking, and going about his chicken business. Hope your baby makes it ok.
The problem with diagnosis over the internet is we can't see the bird and observe his actions. Without a lab analysis not a single person on here can tell you 100% that it is this or that. Only you can make the decision as to what actions to take. With poultry, many diseases can exhibit the same symptoms, making a diagnosis a best guess scenario. If he is acting "normal" than maybe give him time to come around, could be an injury making it droop. But if there is fear that it might be a disease, then unless you plan on a lab analysis it may be best to cull and remove all guess work. Good luck with your bird...

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