HELP! My baby Brahma is very ill - TWITCHING, lethargic, not standing


6 Years
Dec 7, 2013
Bristol, United Kingdom
'Dumpling' was fine yesterday but when I went to let them all out, she just stood there hunched up looking sad and shivering/twitching.
It was cold last night and they don't have heat anymore, but they do have a little cat box filled with wood shavings and there is a lot of them so usually they are fine.

I brought her inside and she's wrapped up in a tea towel sitting in a reptile heat mat. She's had a bit of food and water but looks really dazed and shaky.
She's twitching all over and has slepped all day (but who wouldn't on a heat mat)..

Has she got sick?
I've never had anything like this happen before and she's the only Brahma I have.
Please help!

She's about 4 weeks old and is still feathering up, very slow!


Feb 12, 2015
I think that she probably just got cold. Try giving her electrolytes. You can put Gatorade in her water or something like that. Make sure that she's eating and drinking and that she is warm. I hope she gets better!

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