Help! My chick has a bleeding wound


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Mar 19, 2009
I noticed one of our chicks had a scab on her neck behind her ear this morning. I separated her immediately and applied some hydrogen peroxide.


Someone said she'd get too lonely all on her own and I should get a nice little chick to keep her company. I wasn't so sure. This is the biggest in the group. None of the others have any sign of being pecked, but I got the littlest out of the brooder to put with her. They seemed to get on with no pecking, but later I noticed some blood.

Afraid it was pecking at the injury, I took that one back out and left this one all by her lonesome, but it hasn't scabbed back over. She scratches at it constantly. Here is is a good 8 hours after isolation:


What should I treat her with? Is it just a wound from a peck or is something else possibly going on? Do I need to tie her feet together or something to keep her from scratching?
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The Chickens' Maid

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May 2, 2009
It's good that you put hydrogen peroxide on it. That should only be applied once, though. Get some antibiotic ointment (no pain-reliever) and put some on the wound. You can use a cotton ball to press the antibiotic ointment into the wound. She is probably opening it up when she scratches it. It may help to wash it out with water before putting anything on it. I'm not sure it would be good to put another chick in with her. They like to peck at red things. Chicks heal very quickly, so she should be able to go back with everyone else in a day or so.
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Cackling Hen

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Apr 21, 2009
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Hi I also had the same wound with one of my chicks. I put blue coat on her after I cleaned it and put neosporion and it and she healed up wonderful cant even tell. Its horrible to find that though huh? I had the mama and hen with the rest of the flock and I guess they didnt like it and pecked the little one so I moved them with mama in a seperate pen until they where 3 weeks old

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