HELP! My chick hatched with a big tumor on it


10 Years
Jul 22, 2009
Mountain View, CA
This little Japanese bantam hatched a few minutes ago (day 22) and has some kind of large tumor on it. What should I do?
Erm... not a tumor. That is the yolk, unabsorbed. Keep it in the incubator, with the humidity up, to allow the yolk to absorb. Sometimes it will absorb, sometimes it will not.
Keep it separated from all other chicks as they will peck at it.

Wrap its body in plastic, the biggest danger is the yolk will dry up before it absorbs. Maybe zip lock bag with its head out and wet paper towel wrapping it up. Put it back in the bator.
So sorry to hear it. Sometimes it's hard when they make it and you have a scrawny, weak chick who needs special care. Sometimes they do great so it makes it worth a try. It's always hard when you lose one. Hope the rest of your hatch went well.
That happens really commonly, even under hens at times. I swear some of the little buggers get claustrophobic and bang out too soon. If protected from other chicks and kept from tearing the yolk it usually is better in twelve hours, sometimes less. Any not better my 24 have an internal problem preventing absorption.

Usually the ones that take longest don't do well. But the ones who take12-18 hours are often perfectly fine in the end.

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