HELP! My chicken can't use both her legs...

Chickie Chick

7 Years
Nov 12, 2012
My chicken dosn't seem to be able to use both her legs. She continuously colapses. She is still eating well, she is always awake and alert. Other symtims include:
refusing water
She is still sleeping fine, its just both her legs that don't seem to work...
What can i do to help?
If you haven't changed a water source for a while and it has been sitting it can carry bochilism ( i'm sure i'm spelling it wrong lol). Or if she has taken a drink from a pond that doesn't have a lot of movement. My blue silkie hen had wandered down one of my ponds that i haven't had ducks in for a while and she took a drink of the stale water and passed away a couple days later. I recommend going to a feed store and buying electrolytes or vitamins for chickens or if you can take her to a vet they can give her a shot for bochilism.
Im new to all this chicken-keeping malarky but did have a young pullet who died of Marek's disease. She lost the use of her legs and her eyes looked funny, like the pupils were dilated. She would eat but was reluctant to drink, we eventually had to put her out of her misery as it was very bad and she was obviously suffering. Just a thought but maybe its this?

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