Help, my chickens quit laying???

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    Nov 20, 2012
    I have a very small mixed flock of 7 heritage breed hens that are around 8 months old. They have artificial light of around 15-16 hours a day, heated water and a consistant and good feed supply of layer mash. Up until 2 weeks ago they lay around 4-7 eggs a day, but have stopped laying. One morning I went outside and there was only 1 egg, then the next day 1 egg and finally no eggs? I have given them 2 weeks now and no eggs?

    I know the weather here in W.V. is terra bad the last few weeks but I have friends that there chickens are still laying. Does anyone have and idea of what is going on?
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    Is your coop large enough to leave them inside the coop and run until noon for a couple of days? You may have some that are laying away from the coop. I find every time we have a cold snap, mine will slow down, but this time of year is when they usually get cranked back up. I only provide 12 hours of light per day, and mine lay well. It's not necessary to have your light on 15-16 hours for eggs. You might try worming them, and looking them over for mites and lice since those things can cut down on laying. Also, on your next day off you might go into the coop every hour and watch to see who's in the nest boxes, since some chickens will peck and eat eggs when they are cooped up in winter too much. Also, you might add some crushed oyster shell each day on the side, in case any egg shells are thin causing eggs to be eaten. A 50 lb bag will last a long time, but they need it.
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