Help my duck is foaming!

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  1. Age 5 mo, female, cayuga, white foam from bill and nostrils. No other ducks affected. Still standing but weak and gurgling. Tried using stiff grass to retrieve whatever might be in there.

  2. I've even tried looking up info from Cornell University. They have a water fowl vet research program.... I can't find her symptoms for sure.
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    Is she eating or drinking?

    Any possibility of poison, or bitten/stung by anything?

    Tagging some other folks who might have ideas

    @Miss Lydia
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  4. Not currently eating or drinking. Has been symptomatic for approx an hour and a half. Found in the pool swimming, while everyone else made their way to the duck yard.
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    I was asked already, my only guess is poison of some kind... any noxious plants around that it could have eaten???

    ETA: to me those are severe symptoms... if possible, take to vet...
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    I responded over on the duck forum - and if a vet is possible, I agree. Mercy, they get into trouble nights, weekends, and holidays…..
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    i would say flush her out. Get her In the tub let her swim in clean clear water for about 15 minutes watch her closely. SHe should drink the tub water then sprinkle food in the tub. This should get her curious to eat. there's a pill you can give her to absorb any poison, dang it what's the name of it. @miss Lydia would know. It's a charcoal. But it's only gonna work if it is poison

    Is she pooping? Is she peeing the bath will tell you if she is. Sounds almost like she's got something blocking her or stuck and perhaps that's why she was in the pool when you found her. Try the bath with warm water. Is she free ranging. Is the eyes foaming as well? Is her breathing ok. Listen for any wheezing
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    Activated charcoal
  9. She seems to be doing fine this morning. I will be getting some food grade charcoal today for just in case. She must have had something stuck. After the last attempt to dislodge whatever it was, she was breathing better and stopped foaming. She's yelling at us instead of gurgling. Thank you all for the help.
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    There you go, but I doubt it if it's poison to be honest

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