Help! My duckling is having seizures!


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Mar 22, 2018
im a new momma to 4 ducklings and one of my babies started having seizures...their only 5-7 weeks old and she/he has had 2 seizures one 2 days ago and one tonite and I’m not sure what to do or what is causing it can someone plz help!!!!
Howdy Katuhns I am sorry to hear about your duckling and have requested that your post be moved to the Emergencies Forum where you should get some assistance with its care.

Best wishes for a full recovery for your little one!

Sorry I’m new to this website dnt really know how to work it all the good uetbut thanks I’ll figure out how to get to the emergencies forum
Does your duckling has a crest on his head? Crested ducks generally have an opening in the skull that doesn't close over. A blow or peck to the head could cause damage. People on the E/R site would know best.

Put "Emergencies,diseases, injuries, cures" thread in the search box at top of page, it should take you there.

Hope someone is on line at this hour to assist you. I don't know much about ducks.
Hello!! I’m sorry your duck is having troubles. I’ve had two of my ducks do it. Neither were crested.

First thing to try and the most common cause is vitamin deficiency. Either at birth or somewhere along the way. What are you feeding your ducks? I’m not sure where you live but can you get some liquid poultry vitamins? I would add it to their water ASAP 24/7. If you live in the states, go to your feed store and get vitamin b complex:

Give them each up to 1 ml each. I would do this daily until the seizures are gone.

If you don’t have a feed store nearby go to Walmart and get this in the vitamin section:

You can give them 2 mls or more each. Until they aren’t seizing.

The poultry vitamins to add to their water in addition to the b complex is:

Niacin helps their nervous system as well as walking. And some feed doesn’t have enough in it. Or some ducks just require more than others. Try these first and let us know how it works out for you. With these liquid vitamins you are going to have faster absorption. Also let us know if you have any questions. There are lots of us here to help!!!!
No my duckling isn’t a created I believe it’s a Rouen but I’m workin on gettin the vitamins that was mentioned in the before post he/she hasn’t had another seizure since last nite...I also wanted to knw I’ve been giving them the brewers yeast to their food is that ok?? That’s all I could get ahold of over the niacin cause I literally live out in the middle of no where and it takes along time to get to town....but I’m goin to try the B complex...if I can’t get the liquid is pill form ok to were I can smush it up and give it to him? Or add to the water and is it ok the other ducks have it??

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