Help my ducks are going to kill each other!!


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello (sorry for the long post),
I am the aunt (my brother technically is the owner) to three 6-year-old Welsh Harlequins, we got them when they were less than 24 hours old (the picture of them is inserted). Their names in order of left-to-right are Scout (female), Ming-Ming (female) and Daffy (male). My family noticed that Scout and Daffy have been fighting ALOT lately. We also noticed that Scout usually starts the fights. We thought it was because we had some really hot weather this summer, maybe she is just tired of the weather and taking it out on Daffy. When the weather cooled off we figured her temper would too... but it didn't. They are still grabbing each other by the chest and head pulling each other around the pen, practically drowning each other in the pool. Just less then an hour ago I heard their fighting quacks I went outside and they were grabbing each other (and the temp is 69 degrees). Ming-Ming seems to be the smart one and stays out of it. to cool them off I took Scout out of their day pen and put her in their night pen. She seemed cooled down so I brought her back into the day pen, locked the door (we don't trust our neighbors) and she started attaching Daffy again.
We don't know what to do. Is this the sign that they will go over the rainbow bridge soon?


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